Treatment Options

canstockphoto1492028Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine use has been established within every culture, it is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world. It is true Nature Medicine, with remedies being made entirely from plants.  Herbal medicines can take the form of teas, tinctures, powders, tablets, capsules, creams or lozenges.

Most herbal medicines have a strong empirical history of use, meaning their effectiveness has been established over time. This knowledge is under-pinned by modern scientific and clinical research, which has revealed the many and complex compounds contained within plants, and the synergistic manner in which these compounds function.

Herbal medicines support the natural functions and processes of the body, and are used both to treat illness, and to achieve and maintain health. Mediherb, Bioceuticals, Metagenics, Flordis and Oriental Botanicals products feature in my  dispensary.


Nutritional Medicine We are all aware that a balanced diet is fundamental to wellness, but how many of us have time to consider the many factors that impact upon the nutrient levels in the food we eat, and our own unique dietary requirements? Nutritional supplementation may be necessary due to deficiency, increased demand, for example during periods of stress or athletic performance, or in order to hasten the recovery process after illness.

Tailored eating plans are useful for those suffering from many conditions including digestive issues, low energy, and metabolic syndrome.

“I have had type 2 diabetes for more than 10 years and have struggled to keep my blood sugar levels stable. I have been taking the vitamins and herbs that Katarina prescribed for me, and following a personal lifestyle and eating plan for 6 months. My morning sugar levels are consistently much better. My HbA1 was the best it has been in several years on my latest blood test.” Barry


Celloids Celloid minerals are small tablets designed to be chewed, or crushed and dissolved in water. They contain minerals in precise doses that are easily and effectively absorbed into the body.  Celloid treatment is capable of producing rapid improvement in many conditions, and is gentle enough to be prescribed to children and infants, as well as adults.


“Harriet has always been a poor sleeper. Three days after starting the celloid minerals prescribed for her she slept through the night for the first time. She is now a much happier baby!” Cathy


Flower Essences

Flower essences are gentle liquid remedies taken in drop form, that work on an energetic level to help restore balance to the body and mind.  Flower essences may be specially blended to suit the individual, or are available in pre-prepared combinations to suit a variety of conditions.


Testing and Diagnostics

Naturopaths have access to a variety of testing and diagnostic procedures. Depending upon your needs Katarina may suggest Iridology (studying the iris, to gain information on genetic patterning), Tongue and Nail diagnosis, urine testing to determine pH, heavy metal levels or bacterial overgrowth, finger-prick testing for Candida or Gluten intolerance, or Bioelectrical Impedance Assessment (BIA) to determine body composition.

Laboratory testing of blood, hair, saliva, or stools might also be recommended. I use Nutripath and Integrated Health Laboratories (QML).


Holistic Referral

As part of an extensive network of Health Professionals who believe in an holistic approach to health and wellness, I am able to provide referrals to practitioners in many areas including Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Counselling, General Medicine, Hypnosis.

“I attend several medical specialists as well as my GP for treatment of my health problems including irritable bowel, candida, and prostate troubles. I also take quite a few medications. Katarina was able to work with my other health carers to find the right treatment for me. I now rarely experience the bloating and digestive troubles that have plagued me for years, I have more energy, and my GP says my PSA level has fallen.”   Grahame